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Army of Darkness #1992.1 is a 48-page special one-shot comic published by Dynamite Comics in 2014. The book is a collection of short stories involving Ash Williams and his battles against the Deadites.

Featured Stories

Independent Stories

  • Promotion Commotion: Ash gets a promotion at S-Mart to commemorate one year of no Deadite attacks at the store, but will he live until the end of the day to receive his hard earned promotion?
  • Rockwellicon: A S-Mart worker with no family or other relatives has recently passed away and leaves Ash his home in Rockwell, but his new neighbors discover the Necronomicon and all hell is accidentally unleashed.
  • Ash Beyond: A re-imagining of the Evil Dead story set in a technologically advanced future.

Stories Connected To Ash And The Army of Darkness

  • Return To The Windmill: Ash returns to the windmill where his tiny counterparts caused mayhem during Ash's first trip to 1300 AD.
  • Prelude to Ash In Space: An astronomer in 1350 AD wants to journey to the stars using the Necronomicon.


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