Army of Darkness: Halloween Special is a 40-page one-shot comic from Dynamite Entertainment released on October 24th, 2018.


Ash Vs. The Army of Darkness: Scared Shipless

Continuing the adventures of the Ash featured in the Ash Vs. The Army of Darkness comic, this story features Ash heading to Charleston, South Carolina on Halloween day to meet a woman he met online. Agreeing to meet her by the harbor where Blackbeard's ship (The Queen Anne's Revenge) sank, Ash joins a group of tourist while waiting for his date's arrival. After listing to the tour guide's spiel about Blackbeard's final days, Ash finally finds the woman he was there to meet, realizing that she works as one of the tour guides. When the woman doesn't recognize Ash, the tour guide Ash listened to speaks up, saying he "catfished" Ash here to use his "Promised One" powers to resurrect Blackbead. Suddenly, the wrecked Revenge raises up from the harbor, it's undead crew coming along with it. Blackbeard turns the tour guide who resurrected him into a member of his Deadite crew, but Ash and his date quickly put down the pirates before they can do anymore damage to the sea-side town.

Cemetery Man

A group of teenagers hanging out in a cemetery on Halloween night mess with a Talking Board that spells out "Clatto Verata Nicto", which ends up turning all but one of the teenagers into Deadites. When the lone survivor makes a wish using a charm that protects it's owner from evil spirits, Ash Williams arrives and dispatches of the Deadite teens.


  • Army of Darkness was one of the five series from Dynamite taking part of their "Halloween Special" one-shot series, the other four being Bettie Page, Elvira, Red Sonja, and Vampirella.
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