The Annie Knowby of Earth-818793 was the daughter of Henrietta and Raymond Knowby. Her first and only appearance was in Army of Darkness: Old School #5.


Events At The Cabin

It's very likely that the Annie Knowby of Earth-818793 had a similar experience to her movie counterpart, which like her movie counterpart, resulted in her death. However unlike her on-screen self, she was buried in front of The Cabin with a wooden cross marking her grave.

Resurrection As A Deadite

Shortly before Ash Williams returned to the Cabin to find a way to get Sheila back to the world of the living, Annie, Jake, Ed, Linda, and Henrietta were resurrected as Deadites to torment Ash once again upon his arrival to the Cabin. Eventually when Ash did arrive with Sugarbaby, Annie was waiting for Ash in the fruit cellar. When Annie chased Ash into the main room of the cabin, she was accidentally struck in the head by an axe wielded by the Deadite Jake. While she was complaining about dieing again, Ash finished her off with his Chainsaw.


  • It's likely that Annie Knowby's body was buried by Ash before he went to 1300 AD the first time because in this reality, Annie managed to close the rift in time and space before Ash himself was sucked into it.
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