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Annie Knowby was Professor Knowby's daughter. She made her first appearance in Evil Dead II and was played by Sarah Berry.


Early Life

Not much is known about Annie's early life, except she was born on September 2nd, 1962. Annie was the daughter of Raymond and Henrietta Knowby.

Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn

An archaeologist like her father, she discovered the remaining pages of the Necronomicon that her father believed lost. Bringing them to the Cabin, she hoped to translate them with her father but instead came to finding the Bridge destroyed, her parents gone, and a gibbering lunatic with one hand whom she believes killed her parents. After listening to her father's tape, she discovers that he opened a portal for the Deadites. Eventually, she frees Ash and they discover how to destroy The Evil.


As she recites the spell to send The Evil back into time, Ash's Hand stabs her with the Kandarian Dagger. As she dies she makes one last effort to save Ash and says the last word of the spell, sending Ash into 1300 A.D.


More than 30 years after her death, Annie would be remembered by Ash Williams during an attempt to open a portal to the Deadlands using pages of the Necronomicon, stating that "last person who read those wound up with a dagger in her back."


Of the group, Annie is shown to be the most competent and level-headed, even under extreme pressure such as that experienced in the cabin. She is shown to adapt quickly to new situations and figure out solutions to problems with relative ease. She is also seen to have inherited her father's archaeological expertise, translating ancient Sumerian text in a matter of minutes. Whilst initially deeply shocked and upset by the death of her parents and deeply resentful of Ash when it seemed as if he had killed them, when the true nature of the situation came to light and she found herself fighting for her life against not only Ed Getley and her possessed mother, but the very trees surrounding the cabin, she swiftly adapted to the reality of the situation, and warmed to Ash greatly.


  • Annie is the only character from the Evil Dead films to have a birthday mentioned on-screen.
  • In the original first draft of the Evil Dead II script, Annie had no relation to the Knowby family. The character of "Annie MacDonald" was described as 29 years old and a colleague of Ed Getley. It wasn't until the second draft that she was made the daughter of Raymond and Henrietta.