Amy is a character first seen in the premiere episode in the third season of Ash vs. Evil Dead. She is a girl who seemed to have found the Necronomicon after Ash left it at the cabin last season. She is played by Albertine Jonas.


Amy was a resident of Elk Grove who ventured into the forest and found the abandoned Necronomicon near the ruins of the Cabin. She went back to the town and tried to sell it to Stanley Gibson, an auctioner. Not knowing how huge of a power the book actually holds, she passed it to Stanley. He tried to recite a few lines from it and released evil in the process. The ancient force then attacked the barn they were in, killing everyone including Amy.

Amy is seen again in the episode Rifting Apart. She is one of the many poor souls trapped in the strange limbo-like dimension. She, just like everyone else, are hiding from a powerful demon who consumes their souls on sight. It is unknown what happened to her after Ash and Brandy escape from the awful place.


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